The Mission in Uganda, East Africa

Uganda students
Family Togetherness
Sister Marla Monahan with Sister Juliet and family
SND Community in front yard at Buseesa
Primary students with Sister Janet at front gate
Sister Marla with students in school compound
Profession Day
Sister Antoinette
Sister Rita with three secondary students
Junior Professed Sisters enjoying the mail

The Beginnings of a Mission

Sr. Janet instructing student

Undertaking a mission in the Hoima Diocese of Uganda, East Africa, was a faith-filled venture for the Sisters of Notre Dame in the Covington, Kentucky, and Thousand Oaks, provinces.  What started out as an appeal in 1992 by Bishop Deogratias Byabazaire to come and assist with education, has evolved into a mission that offers primary and secondary boarding schools, two nursery school programs, a co-operative farm, and two faith formation centers.  

All About Uganda

Uganda, one of the 54 countries of the continent of Africa, is about the size of Oregon in the United States.  The equator crosses the southern part of the country and the land varies from semi-desert in the north-east, to the lush and fertile shores of Lake Victoria to the beautiful mountainous south-west.  The tropical heat is tempered by the altitude which averages over 1000 meters (1 m.= 39in.).  Agriculture is the most important section of the economy, employing about 80% of the population.

Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, is bordered on the east by Kenya, on the south by Tanzania and Rwanda, on the west by Democratic Republic of Congo, and on the north by Sudan.  Lake Victoria in the south-east, is the second largest fresh water lake in the world.  Much of the wildlife has been destroyed, but there are still Colobus monkeys in the trees.  Wildlife can be found in the many national parks.

The capital city is now Kampala.  Years ago the captial was at Entebbe where the airport still remains.  Entebbe means chair and the place was so named because it was the seat of the government.