The Mission in Uganda, East Africa

An Invitation to Join

In 1994 the Bishop of the Hoima Catholic Diocese in Uganda, East Africa, asked the Sisters of Notre Dame to provide quality education and to prepare children for leadership within the Kabaale District. 

Children come from an area often referred  to as "The Lost Counties."  Twenty-five years ago, this part of Uganda was devasted during the conflicts against ruling dictators.  Due to underdeveloped methods of agriculture, poor infrastructures, and the past political instability, most of the people's annual per capita incomes are below $250.  Even with peace, there is desperate need for such things as elementary and secondary education, safe drinking water, and health care. 

In February 1998, the Sisters of Notre Dame opened St. Julie Primary Boarding School and now there are over 200 students in grades first through seventh.  In 2003, the secondary school, Notre Dame Secondary Academy, was opened for girls.  Each year an additional grade level was added until all four grades were completed.  There are 150 high school girls who are now boarding at the school.  An education in the Notre Dame tradition will help these children become leaders, transforming the Kibaale District into "The Promising Counties." 

Sponsoring a Student

What does it cost to sponsor a student in Buseesa?

Do you have a passion for helping students excel in life?  Would you be willing to sponsor a student to receive a quality, affordable, and faith-based education that is rich in the Sisters of Notre Dame tradition? 

For as little as $50/month or $600 year, you could help a student receive a quality education through the Sisters of Notre Dame.  Your sponsorship enables students to attend school and provides room and board during the school year.  Due to  lack of/or limited earnings,  parents of these students can only afford 25% of tuition cost.  We depend on donors to help defray the remaining 75% of tuition in order to keep the school open.

Sponsorship payments can be made annually, semiannually, or quarterly.  Annual or semiannual payments reduce processing costs, so these are appreciated.  Matching gifts from employers are also welcome and encouraged.

To make a donoration to the Uganda Mission, click here.

How Long Will My Student Need My Help?

Since each student wil need assistance until he or she graduates, sponsors are asked to consider renewing their commitment each year.  However, we do understand life's uncertainties and no sponsorship is committed longer than one year.  We work with each donor to modify a payment plan that best meets one's budget.  Although sponsorship is designed to be a yearly commitment which provides ongoing support, sponsors may discontinue contributions at any time.  In this situation, donors are asked to notify the Uganda Mission Office as soon as possible.

Do All My Contributions Go Directly To My Student?

All administrative costs for the Notre Dame in Uganda Sponsorship Program are provided by other unrestricted contributions to the Sisters of ntore Dame.  Therefore, all sponsorship contributions go directly to aid the children in the elementary or secondary schools.

Start today.  Make a difference in a child's life.  Sponsor a Ugandan child for an Notre Dame education.  Contact Sister Mary Margaret Droege, Director of Uganda Mission, at 859-392-8109 or email her at